About the Team

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     Working together as a team, Charlotte McKenzie, Bob McKenzie & Connie Ransom will make sure that your needs are met throughout every aspect of your Real Estate transaction. We bring Experience & Professionalism to the task at hand every day.  The Ransom-McKenzie Team has over 20 years of experience in the Inland Empire Real Estate Marketplace and believe us when we say In Today’s Market, Experience Matters!
     The Ransom-McKenzie team specializes in the Riverside, CA residential market. Having lived in Riverside for over 40 years, we are very familiar with each neighborhood’s history, character, and diversity.  We pride ourselves in being able to introduce our new Riverside residents to the city, and in helping our sellers sell quickly with our knowledge of the local marketplace.  Working with an agent who is familiar with the market you are buying or selling in is very important.  In addition, we are certified Riverside Realtor Regents.  This means that not only are we expert Realtors, we are experts in Riverside. Working together with the City planners and managers, and keeping updated on events and community service in the City gives us the ability to assist our clients above and beyond their expectations.
     Connie, Charlotte, and Bob make it a priority to keep up with current trends and training in the local Riverside marketplace. We never stop learning and use our experience and expertise to provide professional service for our clients.  Visit our expertise page for more details on our credentials and specialty markets.
     Finding your home, or finding the right agents to represent you in the sale of your home, is a huge decision. The Ransom-McKenzie team has a consistent track record of success and we look forward to the opportunity of assisting you and your family with your real estate needs.


CalRE #’s: 01721257 | 2049571 | 01261047

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