Doing Good in Riverside

The Ransom-McKenzie Team not only sells Riverside, but we are also involved in the community in many ways. There are many wonderful organizations and events in Riverside which we enjoy being involved with and supporting.


Bob and I at BTB 2019Bob and Charlotte are both members of the Riverside Sunrise Rotary Club. As members, they support the club’s efforts to help youth and elderly members of our community, as well as traveling abroad to participate in medical assistance trips to San Javier, Mexico. Helping out in the community is a great way to give back.

As sponsors of the club’s annual fundraiser, Black Tie Bingo, we know that we are helping to make a big difference in people’s lives.


Lack of affordable housing is an issue that is being faced nationwide in the US these days. Riverside is no exception. Our local Habitat for Humanity group is working hard to help alleviate some of our low-income housing issues in the Inland Empire. We are proud supporters of their efforts. Last year our participation in the annual Over the Edge event helped raise $5,000.

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We’re planning on participating again this year too! Save the date, August 24th is the big day.


52 Logo Picture

As “Artists in Disguise as Realtors” we support the arts throughout the City of Arts & Innovation. One of our favorite events that we sponsor is the 52 Project at RAM. This is an annual year-long “class” that encourages artists through the creative process and beyond. Started in 2015, these classes have brought an entire group of artists together in our community. Together the artists support one another, and also journal together, keeping the artistic juices flowing, and the accountability strong.

Me with Artwork

Charlotte with her art exhibit at RAM

The Ransom-McKenzie Team has been sponsoring this group since the first year and Charlotte has enjoyed participating in the events associated with the group.



Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center

We are animal lovers and we have two dogs who were both adopted. Natsu, our standard poodle came to us when he was 18 months old. He had been abused and we are glad that we have been able to provide him with a loving home where he feels safe. Fuyu, our goofy goldendoodle, came to us when he was 11 weeks old. He was relinquished to a shelter group as a puppy because he is black, (was supposed to be multi colored), and has a prominent underbite. He is the best, most loving boy ever!

As a board member with Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center (MSRPAC), Charlotte enjoys being able to help the organization as the navigate how to make lives better for stray, abandoned, and abused animals. Helping animals in the community getting spayed and neutered at reasonable costs, get vaccinated, and finding furever homes is a great feeling. It is heartwarming to be a part of this organization doing good for animals in our community.

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