Riverside Newcomers & Neighbors

We’re always surprised when we hear people ask if there is “anything to do in Riverside”. Granted, we’re not Los Angeles or San Francisco, but The City of Arts & Innovation has a lot to offer our residents. Not only are there exciting arts venues in the City, we also are host to a plethora of community organizations that offer opportunities for residents to get together and find common interests to gather around.

One such group is the Riverside Newcomers & Neighbors group. When Charlotte moved back to Riverside after a 20 year hiatus this was a group she and her husband joined. It offered a link to new and old acquaintances in the city and an opportunity to socialize with people who had like interests. Whether you are new to Riverside or not, this is a fun group of individuals. There are people who have been members for over 20 years alongside people who just joined 2 months ago. This provides a great way for you to get to know Riverside from a multitude of perspectives.

Join Riverside Newcomers & Neighbors at their Open House this Week.

We bring this up today because this week, the Riverside Newcomers & Neighbors will be holding their annual Open House at City Hall! The event will take place on the 7th floor in Grier Pavilion. This is an opportunity to learn more about the group, including information on their various interest groups.  Join fellow Riversiders and become a member of this vibrant group as we celebrate the start of a new year with Friends & Neighbors. The event details are listed below.

Date: Wednesday, September 19th
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Place: City Hall’s Grier Pavilion, 7th Floor

Please e-mail the RNN at info@rivnewcomers.org if you plan to attend.

If you can’t make it to Wednesday’s event but would still like to join.  You can fill out an application online to join the club.  Just click here to visit the RNN website.

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