Culver Center Free Concert!

Labrynth & Teslim: Free Concert
Thursday, October 18, 8:00pm

Featuring original compositions and traditional music from Greece and beyond.  This free concert is part of UC Riverside’s Voices of Change series which is dedicated to the “lively exploration of art, artist, and self, one event at a time.  Free events like this are another reason that we enjoy such a great quality of life here in Riverside.

Revered Crete-Based composer-performers Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma of Labrynth join the exploratory string duo Teslim (Kalia Flexer and Gari Hegedus) in a mesmerizing evening of instrumental music inspired by the modes and odes of Greece.  The quartet displays astonishing skill at presenting instrumental songs wrung through impossibly complicated rhythms rooted in the musical traditions of the Mediterranean and Near East.

The concert will take place  at the Culver Center of the Arts on Tomorrow Night at 8:00.  The doors open at 7:00pm and seating is on a first come, first served basis.  For more information on the artists, visit UC Riverside Presents’ information page.

Help spread the word about this free event.  Share our blog with your friends & family so that everyone has a chance to enjoy these events!

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