Real Estate & the Internet

The National Association of Realtors has completed a survey together with Google which looks at the online search habits of homebuyers in today’s marketplace. The results confirm what we have been hearing from our clients for quite sometime.

Nine out of ten homebuyers today rely on the Internet as one of their primary resources, and 52 percent turn to the web as their first step.

Here are some other fun facts from the survey:

5 Top new home buyer activities on mobile devices

1. 51% – Read general home information
2. 48% – Get directions in order to visit a home
3. 44% – Compare prices
4. 35% – Compare features
5. 35% – Search a listing company’s inventory

Places where new home buyers use their mobile devices

77% – At home
31% – At work
28% – While waiting in line
27% – At a restaurant
26% – At someone else’s home

Days of research before the new home shoppers take action on a site

40% – 120 days
17% – 60 days
7% – 30 days
4% – 3 weeks
3% – 2 weeks
5% – 1 week
24% – same day

Obviously today’s homebuyer is utilizing the internet to do extensive research prior to making a home buying decision. The Ransom-McKenzie Team believes that the Internet is a very valuable resource for our clients. However nothing can replace the value of a local Realtor who knows the market that you are going to purchase or sell your home in. There are some things, even the Internet can’t help you with.

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