The City of Arts & Innovation

Riverside, the City of Arts & Innovation.  Since the selection of this tagline, the city of Riverside has strived to live up to their mission: to “champion and advance Riverside as The City of Arts & Innovation in the broadest economic and social context possible”

Studies have shown that a vibrant Arts & Culture base provide strong economic benefits for cities.  Riverside has depended on this as the Mayor and City Council continue to support more Culture and Arts related projects throughout Downtown.

The Box is located above the Showcase Space between The Fox and the parking garage.

The Box is located on the upper level of the Fox Entertainment Plaza.

One notable recent project which supports this mission, has been the Fox Performing Arts Center and the adjoining Fox Entertainment Plaza.  Upon completion of the historic Fox Theater’s rehabilitation, the City worked to complete the Entertainment Plaza.  This space includes a Showcase Venue for large public events and gatherings, The Box, a black box theater, The Promenade at the Box and a parking garage.

While controversial prior to completion, Riverside’s Arts community has eagerly embraced and is using this performance venue extensively.  The Box venue is a location for producing and promoting local performing arts groups, as well as presenting traveling professional performances.  The box is available for local theater groups such as Riverside Repertory Theater, Gestalt Theater Project and even local Schools that need theater space.  With seating up to approximately 200 patrons, this venue is a great size, and the black box format means that shows can be presented in a multitude of configurations- proscenium, thrust, round, and more- The Box brings state of the art technology to the local theater community.

The Promenade is also available for events.

The Promenade is also available for events.

Right now is a great time to go check out the box for yourself.  RiversideREP’s performance of West Side Story opens tonight, Friday, January 30th.  You’ll see a fabulous production which uses the black box space in creative and exciting ways.  Tickets are available at  We’ll see you at The Box!

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