Engage Riverside

The Ransom-McKenzie Team sits on the Riverside Champions Council which is part of Riverside’s Seizing Our Destiny plan. This strategic plan creates ideas and actions to ensure that we continue to move forward towards “Riverside’s Prosperous Future”.

You can participate in Riverside’s plan as well by engaging with the City through their “Engage Riverside” website.  There are links on this webpage to view and comment on City Council agenda items, and there are links to share ideas you have, or answer survey questions from the city.  You can also review city budgets and check out city data from sources such as the city’s 311 hotline or crime reports.  Being involved in what’s going on in town has never been easier.

We’re excited about where Riverside is going and look forward to sharing our city’s “wins” with you as we continue to experience positive designations in 2015. As part of the Council we sit on the “Location of Choice” pillar committee.  The committee members talk about what currently makes Riverside a location of choice, but we also discuss what we would like to see in the future to make it even better.

Join in the conversation with us.  What would you like to see in Riverside that would make it even more a “Location of Choice”?

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