“Something Like a Sabbatical”


The Ransom-McKenzie Team is excited to be sponsoring the screening of Sue Mitchell’s “52” Exhibit Documentary film “Something Like A Sabbatical” at the Riverside Art Museum on Sunday afternoon.  The screening event starts at 4:00pm and will also feature a discussion with Sue and the award-winning documentary filmmakers Pamela Breere Briggs and William McDonald.  There still may be a few seats left for this exciting event.  Click here to make your reservations.

Hopefully we’ll see you there.

Centennial Plaza Becoming a Reality

If you haven’t noticed there are some major changes taking place on the Northwest corner of Magnolia and University Avenues.  This is the future location of Riverside Community College District’s Centennial Plaza which will open in 2016 and “will mark the debut of a major arts, cultural and education resource for our region.”

The buildings you are seeing under construction are the Henry W. Coil, Sr. and Alice Edna Coil School for the Arts and the RCC Culinary Arts Academy & The Office of the Chancellor.  These two buildings are currently being raised together with a large parking garage.  They will join the existing Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties  The sites have actually been under construction for over a year, but everything being done prior to January this year was happening underground. When working with historic locations you never know what you’re going to find once you start digging around. This project was no exception to that rule. According to Chris Carson, RCCD Chief of Staff & Facilities, they found numerous historic artifacts, a gasoline storage tank, and a deep cavern which extended underneath University Avenue.  All of this contributed to a few delays, but now completion for the $80 Million plus project is slated for March 2016 in conjunction with RCC’s Centennial year.

The city will also have two additional facilities to add to it’s Arts & Innovation program. The Culinary Arts Academy which will boast  professional quality teaching kitchens, a bakery, class-rooms and a public dining room while the School for the Arts will feature state-of-the-art instrumental labs, recording rooms, and classrooms.  The upper floors will also house the RCCD district services offices.

The School for the Arts will also feature the Inland Empire’s first mid-size concert hall (450 seats), suitable for individual artists, quartets, ensembles or even full orchestras.”  This modular space is “made out of wooden slabs and heavy curtain. These wooden slabs can move around and be removed, as well as the curtain, to provide a desired acoustic effect, and can go from completely wooden, to all curtains, to open air.”

The Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties is already open to the public.  It is fast becoming a popular event location.  Visitors to the center can enjoy the Mine Okubo Collection, Multi-Media archives and a children’s education zone.  The building is currently open to the public on Saturdays from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  You can also set up an appointment for additional visits.

The project should be fun to watch as these beautiful buildings start to take shape.  This portion of the downtown corridor is going to look fabulous when construction is complete.

Engage Riverside!

Engage Riverside

The Ransom-McKenzie Team sits on the Riverside Champions Council which is part of Riverside’s Seizing Our Destiny plan. This strategic plan creates ideas and actions to ensure that we continue to move forward towards “Riverside’s Prosperous Future”.

You can participate in Riverside’s plan as well by engaging with the City through their “Engage Riverside” website.  There are links on this webpage to view and comment on City Council agenda items, and there are links to share ideas you have, or answer survey questions from the city.  You can also review city budgets and check out city data from sources such as the city’s 311 hotline or crime reports.  Being involved in what’s going on in town has never been easier.

We’re excited about where Riverside is going and look forward to sharing our city’s “wins” with you as we continue to experience positive designations in 2015. As part of the Council we sit on the “Location of Choice” pillar committee.  The committee members talk about what currently makes Riverside a location of choice, but we also discuss what we would like to see in the future to make it even better.

Join in the conversation with us.  What would you like to see in Riverside that would make it even more a “Location of Choice”?